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Power Wheelchairs in Atlanta GA

Did you know that the earliest record of a Powerwheel Chair dates back to the 6th Century, as an inscription found on a stone slate in found in China. Later dates they related that to Europeans using this technology during the Renaissance. Hmmm who would have ever thought that decades later we would still have these chairs knows as Atlanta GA power wheelchairs and how must Americans have these chairs is because people who have a high level spinal cord injuries do not have adequate strength to manipulate a wheelchair compared to those who have a low level of spinal cord injuries.  Atlanta GA Powerwheel chairs also known as “PWC” are electric chairs that are used to help someone with less strength upper and lower body strength. Also Atlanta GA powerwheel chairs help the afflicated with going out with their family, friends, events and such. Atlanta GA powerwheel chairs consists of a Base, Front-Wheel Drive, Rear-Wheel Drive, Mid-Wheel Drive seating and controls. All components make the power wheelchair much heavier than your basic manual wheel chair.

Description on getting the right power wheelchair for you most office’s and providers send you to your Primary Care Physician to get an evaluation done so the company can provide the best care possible, you can visit our website at to get all the information you need. Please visit our website and check out our products as well.

Power wheelchairs are a great source of mobility and that gives patient’s their lives back that they haven’t had in along time due to there prognosis. So if your loved one suffers from any type of mobility need please have them got to Aeroflow’s Website Atlanta GA power wheelchairs are the best!

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