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Roanoke VA Power Wheelchairs

If you are having trouble getting around these days, whether it’s in your own home or going to your doctor appointments or just going shopping then a power wheel chair from Roanoke VA power wheelchairs can be a life changer. Roanoke VA power wheelchairs supply all of VA as well as most states in the southeast. We have a knowledgeable staff available to answer all your mobility needs as well as train you on how to use your Roanoke VA power wheelchair once it’s delivered to your home. With our trained mobility specialists Roanoke VA power wheelchairs can help fit you into a power wheelchair that suits your needs and comfort. with a wide range of power wheelchairs to choose from and accessories like cup holders, cane holders, ramps, lifts, a numerous other accessories to add to your Roanoke VA power wheelchair, you can make your chair just as comfortable as that broken in recliner at home. You will find with Roanoke VA power wheelchairs that they offer the kind of speed and maneuverability unlike anything you’ve seen before. if you are having trouble with upper body weakness or strength these chairs have an easy to use swing away joystick that can easily be controlled with one finger, but don’t worry one of our trained technicians will give you a thorough run through of chairs capabilities and uses to make sure your comfortable before we leave you by yourself. Roanoke VA power wheelchairs offers with each of its chairs warranties on chairs, batteries and most accessories, and repair service for problems or accidents that may occur with your power wheelchair. Satisfaction guaranteed is what we strive for with each and every one of our products as well as the confidence and freedom these chairs give you. With this in mind you can always call our toll free phone number 888-345-1780 with any questions or concerns.

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