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Hyperbilirubinemia, or neonatal jaundice is where a new born infant bili rubin levels are elevated within the blood stream. Typically elevated bili rubin levels symptoms are lethargy, poor sucking reflex, fever, and even apnea. Normally you will begin to notice the jaundice in the face and spread to other extremities. If elevated bili rubin levels are left untreated the long term effects can be permanent brain damage.

If a baby is found to have any kind of jaundice it is recommended the physician office to complete blood work to determine the Bili Levels. If it’s between 10-15 ml typically home health care is the best option and cost effective. By providing a new born with a bili blankets and avoiding a hospital admission were are providing the same care as a hospital photo therapy, and avoiding the new born from being receptive to other infectious diseases in a hospital setting.

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